Make your mobile phone really mobile

July 2015 : The code available for the Wheelphone has moved to Github; you can find the apps source code for both iOS and Android here and the library to develop your own applications here.

January 2014 : The number of application is growing, the Wheelphone robot reaches 10 apps on the Play Store. Also the firmware was reviewed and a new update is available, refer to the wiki for detailed information about the update procedure.

December 2013 : The Wheelphone robot can be used to navigate from one room to the other using some tags as reference. Moreover it can charge itself thanks to the docking station. Have a look at the video; the source code of the demo can be downloaded from the wiki.

October 2013 : Lower prices! The prices of Wheelphone and the charger have been reduced quite a lot. Check the shop.

September 2013 : During summer holidays a bunch of new applications for the Wheelphone robot were developed: transforms for example the Wheelphone in a pet robot, it will have to follow you or maybe do you need an animated alarm, for sure the Wheelphone will compel you to wake up. Visit our wiki for more apps.

May 2013 : Wheelphone software resources are continuously expanding: the API to interact with the robot is now released,
visit the wiki for more information.

April 2013 : The first iPhone app is available on the AppStore, it lets you pilot your Wheelphone. The source code is available here.

March 2013 : The Wheelphone robot is now compatible with the iPhone using the sound cable.
First app is available in the wiki; more apps coming soon.

February 2013 : The Wheelphone robot is now available in the online shop.
More information on the Wheelphone robot can be found in the wiki.